My First Travel Experience

I had the great opportunity to travel for a week to a first world country in the east. This post is inspired by this big experience I had.

Have you never traveled?

I saw this general misconception on people where they believe that traveling is something amazing or at least something to desire. I won't say that traveling isn't a nice experience, because it's nice to see new things but by no means is something that can be elevated to the level of a desire.

Because I know that what I did is something that many people may desire in their life, that's exactly why I didn't upload anything to social media, I don't want people to desire things they don't need. Specially people from the social stratum where I come from.

It's very unlikely that the people I know that is struggling to eat at the end of the month would be able to read English, but still this words are for you: You don't need shit but to keep working on yourself. That's the only controllable thing we will always have.

Also, I hate vacations. Vacations means that your life is shit and you buy a temporary way out of your misery. I feel good almost everyday, so I don't need to even consider the absurd idea of a vacation. Maybe I get tired, but I just sleep more, that's it. I'm lucky I know, I'm a happy man.

I also feel sad for people who try to flex their expensive vacations, or expensive houses paid with >70% of their salary. If that were the \<10% of your income, please enjoy it, but otherwise it's just sad.

If you are from the middle class, please, stop thinking in what to buy next. How much time and energy do you want to waste in material things that just shine? Why can't you think in creating a business that could stimulate the economy of your home country? How empty should you be to discuss how to remodel your already big and expensive house for multiple hours?

I'm not against of wasting large sums of money, I believe you should use as much money as you possible can, if your income allow it. That is how capitalism works. But what I don't want you to do, is to waste your life and mental energy pursuing such petty pleasures, as if they had any real value.

What did I get from my first travel?

I got the opportunity to meet amazing people. Some I had the chance to know a little bit more some than others, but all were amazing guys/gals.

Maybe it's because I was in a country of the first world, or maybe of the particular persons I had the opportunity to be in touch with. But I had a good lesson on manners by example. What kind of manners? Well, I wont use my own words to describe it:

The gentleman is a man of truth, lord of his own actions, and expressing that lordship in his behavior, not in any manner dependent and servile either on persons, or opinions, or possessions. Beyond this fact of truth and real force, the word denotes good-nature and benevolence: manhood first, and then gentleness.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Maybe that is what traveling gives you, right? You know more cultures, and more people. That can enrich your character. But that could also be said for any other real book out there.

Practical advice to travel

Don't worry. Airports are full of security and people that know English who are there to guide you safely to your final destination.

You can get a very cheap insurance for 150USD/Year that will cover any medical bill up to 100000 USD while traveling abroad. Other legal expenses may also be covered in other more expensive insurances.

Roaming may don't work on every advertised country that your mobile provider tells you. I recommend you to investigate any pre-paid hotspots or any other way of getting internet while you are in other country.

Tell your credit card company that you will be traveling a couple more of days that you really will, this is necessary because of timezone differences of for any problem delay that can happen.

Jet lag, is real. And strikes hard. I feel destroyed right now.

Buy those neck pillows, the good ones. It will help you to sleep a little bit better.