I ditched Ghost in AWS for WordPress in Cloudways

At least for me WordPress sounds like a very bad idea. It's a software that is slow and so widely used that doesn't seem to have a good aura. Also, this section is more inclined to very specific technical topics. Why would I talk about a PHP CMS here? Well, I'm not going to just talk about WP, but why its important to use it instead of any other alternative when you want to have a professional website.

I could easily create my website from scratch, with tools like Gatsby, Jekyll or Hugo. But I don't, they take time, time that I could use in things that are much more productive and relevant. To be more specific is not only the software side but also the infrastructure or management of the site that also takes time and effort. I don't like to connect to a server and update it, or whatever. I like the things to take care by themselves. This is why this new WordPress installation in on Cloudways.

First, modifying the HTML/CSS and more for you own website isn't the same like doing it for a client. The client will pay you after you did the job, but in the case of your own website it makes no sense to make something custom. You may argue that is important to have something unique and special that can showcase your skills. Well, maybe that's true, but I strongly believe that everybody will focus more in the content than in the page itself.

Content, content is king. That is something that took me a long time to accept. It doesn't matter if it looks nice, or works perfectly or you put all your effort in something. What matters is that you provide a a real value to your audience.

If content is the real important factor in the usefulness of something, we are much better focusing on just that. Talking about things that can improve the lives of other and not fighting against an inconsequential database migration while your website is down. It makes no sense.

It is important also to realize that having a Webiste with your own domain could also be painful if you are not used to it. I do it because I would like to have personal brand, therefore a custom domain is a must. But you may much better of with platforms like DEVto and Medium.

If it helps your brand, just fire a WordPress in a managed hosting and start writing. I saw many smart guys out there that didn't have a blog. And that's a shame. A lost opportunity of learning from the thoughts of another human being.


I first had my blog in Jekyll, then I migrated to Hugo, then to Ghost, and now finally I'm going to Wordpress. That's a lot of tools/cms, and what I learned so far is that your time is the most valuable asset you have. If you spend less time fighting technicalities you focus on writing.

For static websites the migrations consisted on modifying my markdown files, templates and/or configurations. But in this last case that I was using Ghost, I used a WP plugin that imported all my posts. The import wasn't perfect but at least good enough to an easy later manual edit.

But beyond the CMS change, now I'm using Cloudways. It's very easy to setup and I like their billing method: pay-as-you-go. Like any normal cloud provider would do. They also give you 3 days of a free trial. So you don't have any excuse to at least no try it.