Blogging is outdated

Blogging is just not mainstream anymore. Now we all consume much more audio/visual content. And that is absolutely fine. Is just a matter of the type of content we are providing.

Many years ago blogging was a form of a entertainment and for the masses, it was something cool. Now we have netflix, youtube, facebook, instagram an tiktok. At every moment a new way of consuming entertainment. But as always there are different ways of being entertained. I like to think about those in two different categories: fast and slow.


This is what we all think when we hear the word "entertainment", audio-visual stimulus with high frequency of variation, that don't ask much from the consumer. The consumer isn't left with any room to start thinking or considering what he/she is seeing, any space to question, just enjoyment. The more it changes the better. Constant change to avoid getting used to the same stimulus. This type of consumption is a mechanism of escapism, and a acceptance of passivity. A fast media consumer doesn't watch or hear something because he/she really experience something meaningful, but to avoid experiencing his/her current meaningless vital experience.

Life is hard, and sometimes in the same way a good bottle of vodka can help, multimedia consumption can also makes us change from a counter productive mental state. What I want to see, fast entertainment is not bad in itself, but how we consume make it so.


We all think we are smart, but most certainly we are very slow thinkers at the moment of considering new ideas or absorbing new perspectives. An slow media forces us to think, and reconsider. It can be in many forms of graphical/visual/sonorous representations. But the main focus is in ideas, change, grow and tranquility. A better term would be, whatever that inclines us to a virtuous path.

You can consume fast media and still exercise virtue. Assimilate slow content and become emptier inside. You produce something out of anything depending in the way you approach the observation.

Blogging is not dead

You can see the numbers, the numbers of people reading blogs is not declining, but the sheer amount of people consuming fast mainstream entertainment is wronging. Blogs are not a good medium to publish fast content, is simply not. Like you can't post a Instagram picture in the radio, you could try to describe the photo but it's pointless.

But suppose that blogging is dead, and only 1000 people could ever be interested in what you write. A thousand of real interested human beings interested in your content could change your life for ever. You could even have a business with two clients, or even one. It's not about quantity it's about quality.

Maybe it's not that blogs are dead but that what it really rotting is your love for writing something that you personally think is valuable. If I learnt something so far, is that we don't choose things, life forces us to do, and we express ourselves with what we have. If you want to write down something you think, your conscience won't let you don't do it without paying with inner suffering.

If you want to write you will write no matter what, because is something you need, something you want. If you are looking at blogging as a business, just look at raw numbers and make a pure logical decision based on real verifiable data.

Business promotion

I tried to promote a hosting business in the past by having a blog about hosting, Wordpress and other related things. I hated doing that, after all the Wordpress sphere is really mature and the competition is extremely high. Not only there are a lot of different hosting options, but they are cheap and good.

What does it really mean for you that could be a huge competition in your niche? Well, that you won't get any traction. You can't compete, you will need to invest very heavily and therefore the tight profit margins will wipe your entrepreneurial ass out of existence. This means, if you are going to promote your product/service, you need to verify first that you will be able to promote and rank your content on the web with an investment you can support.